#8DaysOfPixelFeature — Day 2: dotAGE

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3 min readOct 19, 2023

Village elder, help us! Build your village and lead your Pips to fight off hundreds of events in dotAGE, the merciless town builder. dotAGE is a turn-based roguelite village sim. Will you fulfill the Prophecy?

You are the Elder. You had a vision of a doomed future, so you took a handful of Pips, your fellow villagers, and led them to an empty valley to start anew. They need your guidance to survive the events foretold by the Prophecy, so make sure your Pips work hard!


Digital Boardgame: classical town-builder gameplay in a turn-based fashion, with a claustrophobic map reminiscent of European-style board games.

Endless Content: dozens of buildings to research, with full production chains from raw materials to finished products.

The Prophecy Looms: the complex Fate system will throw more than 500 events at you to fight off. From simple coughs to earthquakes, from tornadoes to plagues, from volcanoes to inondations, from taxes to kittens, from diseases to furious murders.

The world changes: life becomes harder and harder as you play, keep an eye on the current levels of Fear, Sickness, Heat, Cold, and Cataclysm!

Cute yet merciless pixels: the cute pixel art details all the harsh realities of these Dark Ages. Don’t get fooled by the happy colors!

All different playthroughs: Play a different game and a different story each time thanks to the Fate system and a dynamic research tree

Listen to the Montpellier Codex: real medieval music rearranged in a retro game style is waiting for you

An Apocalyptic goal: reach the end of these dark times and fight the Apocalypse to win the game.

dotAGE is developed by CKC GamesMichele Pirovano. All assets used in this blog belong to the rightful owner.

Contact Michele Pirovano via their website: https://www.michelepirovano.com, or their email: info@michelepirovano.com. Check their Twitter here.

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