#8DaysOfPixelFeature — Day 6: Octopus City Blues

Mega Cat Studios
2 min readOct 26, 2023

In a world of ice, the last human city is tearing itself apart. Explore the underbelly of a monstrous metropolis in a surreal adventure about everything and nothing.

Octopus City Blues is a story-driven adventure game. It’s the tale of cowardly tentacle trimmer Kaf Kafkaryan, who lives in a city built on an octopus. Plagued by recurring nightmares, Kaf stumbles upon dark secrets as the line between dream and reality begins to blur.

With a unique pixel art aesthetic and a unique concept, Octopus City Blues blends various genres — placing emphasis on exploration, real-time daily simulation, and complex encounters that encourage multiple playthroughs.


  • Talk to people, make choices, and explore a unique world.
  • Interact with over unique 60 characters, each with their daily schedules and secrets.
  • Learn and spread gossip to unlock new story paths.
  • Manage your stress and reputation in tense encounters.

Octopus City Blues is developed by Ghost in a Bottle. All assets used in this blog belong to the rightful owner.

Contact them via their email: contact@ghostinabottle.com

Check out Octopus City Blues’ website. Follow Ghost in a Bottle on Twitter, and join their Discord for more updates and fun!

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