Controls in video games are a tough subject. I could explain to you how all the platformers in require you to jump and press a direction button to move in the air, but that doesn’t really illustrate just how wrong that feels. Likewise, I could tell you that all the skaters in accelerate like something just exploded behind them, but what does that tell you? Is that good? Bad?

In my years of debating and discussing the hobby, I’ve come up with strategies to describe controls; you really have to use broad strokes. The minutiae of how controls work and don’t work are vast: button layout, gravity, speed, acceleration, momentum, environmental responses, collision detection, even camera control. …

Got the vibe to stream the new Animal Crossing, or just about any other new Nintendo title? This is the guide that will teach you how to stream games from your Nintendo Switch!

Although most of the latest generation of games consoles allow you to stream directly from an app on the console to Twitch, one of the more conventional methods of capturing game footage — whether for streaming or for video making purposes on YouTube — has been accomplished by using a capture card.

Since the Nintendo Switch does not offer the ability to stream directly from the console, in order to share your gameplay you may need to invest in a capture card. …

Usually, I achieve fog by layering a decent amount of some low opacity fog sprites which are somewhat randomly scaled and rotated. The move slowly in random directions, and slowly change in scale and opacity over time.

You can change the feel of the fog by changing the fog sprite assets themselves to be softer or harder-edged (or more/less detail) and by tuning the balance between the opacity of the fog particles and quantity. The more opaque they are, the less you need (lower emission rate), and the more “chunky” the fog will appear as a result. …

I don’t know about you, but I could play the series for the rest of eternity. The games are timeless run & gun shooters featuring some of the best pixel art to ever grace a 16-bit arcade screen.

But only playing would be like only eating tacos every day. Sure, you’re consuming the pinnacle of food, but a little variety in your diet never hurt anyone and will make you a more interesting person. Also, think about what you’re doing to your waistline.

So, where does one go these days when they need an injection of some old fashioned arcade run & gun action? …

To set yourself apart from other streamers, having Twitch graphics for your channel is an absolute must. Using this guide we'll tell you all the sizes you can use on your Twitch channel for any form of graphic you can use. Includes image sizes for your panels, alerts, offline banners, profile photo, VOD thumbnail, and profile banner!

You 're no longer alone when you're gaming with a Twitch channel - whether you're performing a raid or fighting evil forces, you have a whole crowd behind you cheering you on. …

If there’s something everyone can agree on, it’s a universal love of food and video games.

Far and wide — whether there’s a Wi-Fi connection or not — humanity has always centered around these two happy moments: food and fun. Without one, life is unsustainable. Without the other, what would even be the point?

Building a game universe from scratch is hungry work. This is especially the case when it’s set in an apocalyptic food scarce future where one might find themselves eating robots and other questionable substances to survive.

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I love this meme, and you should too.

It goes without saying; a hungry dev is an unhappy dev. And after working on a project for three years, unhappy devs can get a bit well… ghoulish. There’s only so far you can go with an eating station and — as an indie game company — it’s not like we were rolling in the Uber Eats. …

  • Designing the graphics in a way that multiple pieces of different sizes could fit together seamlessly.
  • Making this system work with minimal impact on performance to the game.

I got this all working smoothly in the end, and I’m very happy with the result, but it was quite the challenge, so I understand why I haven’t seen many other games implement this strategy. Most other games stick to 32x32 graphics and have many alternate graphics that can be plugged in to mix things up. …

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Do you own an NES? Do you your NES? Are you all about those 8-bits? That 6502 processor? That majestic grey slab?

It’s hard not to. Just look at all those great games. From Super Mario Bros. , to Castlevania , to Mega Man , to Wheel of Fortune: Family Edition , it was a library packed with bright stars and hidden gems. Maybe you’ve played them all. Maybe you’re thinking that the system just doesn’t have anything more to offer.

What if I told you there was a whole different world of NES games that you may have never even heard of or considered? Such a place exists. It’s called Japan and they kept a lot of good stuff to themselves. Only their console of choice was a bit different, it was called the Famicom and it only differed in small ways from our familiar NES. …

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Where classic uses of food provide straightforward boosts to the player, such as restoring hitpoints or temporarily increasing a specific player attribute, a transformative use of food is one where the food itself adds a new mechanic, which means that the food changes how the game is played.

For example, we discussed how in Nethack eating certain corpses can give the player teleportitis, a disease that randomly teleports the player around the map. If the player reaches level 8 as a wizard or level 12 as another character class, the player can control where they teleport. …

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Pressure Cooker, released on the Atari 2600 in 1983, put players in the shoes of a short order cook in the middle of a frantic kitchen. A hamburger conveyor belt captured the feeling of being in the kitchen during a rush of customers with orders flying in and chaos rapidly descending on the kitchen staff.

The trend that Pressure Cooker began persisted through the decades of games to follow. Even non-cooking games gave a nod to the impact of Pressure Cooker. Space Quest IV: Roger Wilco and the Time Rippers, for example, featured a mini-game where Roger Wilco has to work a shift at Monolith Burger, an alien food court attraction. …


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