Chewing It Over — Puzzle Design in The Meating

“I decided to pull from more modern puzzle platformers for this game,” he said. “Games like Hollow Knight and Super Meat Boy were definitely big influences on me while I was coming up with ideas for the levels.”

Throughout the game, you’ll be given five spectral ghost powers to solve these puzzles with, aside from the basic jumping, levitating and charging: telekinesis, thermokinesis, possession, projection and incorporeality.

“The coolest one is definitely the possession ability that allows the player to take control of a nearby enemy to solve puzzles. There’s something satisfying about seeing a platform that you can’t reach and then possessing a spider to climb up to it,” he said.

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In addition to controlling enemies, you’ll have the ability to pass through objects, control the temperature and even phase from the spirit world into the physical.

“In modern game development, a designer is able to open up a level in the game engine, make adjustments, and then test it right there seamlessly. This process isn’t as easy to do with retro development, so we have to try to think ahead about where the player might be able to break out of the intended path that we are setting for them,” Marsh said. “Generally, that starts out with drawing a sketch of the level, whether that be on paper, or digitally so that we can try to visualize what will and will not work. From there we use either a map creation tool or image editing software depending on the project and we start to build the level out.”

After the level is built, the game must be compiled to test it and see what works. Then it’s a matter of going back to the source, making adjustments, compiling again, rinse, repeat, until it’s perfect.

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