Packing in Personality — The World of Another Reigny Day

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The kingdom enjoying peace

It’s not enough to expect that players will just want to save the kingdom because the king asked them to. If the kingdom is a flat expanse with a featureless grey brick wall in the middle of it, what would be the point? Just like in dating, personality matters, and if it’s not oozing out of every pore, then players might end up looking elsewhere.

In Another Reigny Day , we’ve made certain that our pores are loaded with personality. From the enemies to the landscapes to the way that you pause the game, everything has been carefully crafted with a few little touches to make it a memorable experience.

Part of this is to make sure that when you’re slinging spells and fried chicken arrows downrange at your enemies, you really know when you’re on target. Blood rains from squishier enemies, sparks fly from armored foes, and if you prematurely detonate a bomb carrying baddie, the resulting explosion carries them off over the horizon and into low orbit.

Aiming for the head is its own reward, but things are so much better when that head separates from its body and sets off on its own quest for self-discovery.

If you take a moment away from assaulting them from your lofty position atop the castle wall, you may even catch a glimpse of your enemies acting strangely. Perhaps they’re banging two coconuts together (where did they even get them in this climate?) or donning a fashionable hat when it gets cold.

Maybe you’re more in the mood for demolishing structures rather than lives. Lucky for you, everything you see on the horizon can be levelled with the right armaments. Perform some urban renewal by delivering a cannonball through someone’s kitchen window and watch their abode crumble. What are those peasants going to do about it?

Need to use the bathroom? You should have thought of that before getting started. But if you do need to pause, you can do that by curling up into the fetal position while the enemies laugh at you. Don’t take that from them!

A variety of hand gestures are built in as well to ensure that you’ll always have the proper response when the insults start to fly. Tell your enemies how you feel about them by raising your favorite finger in their direction!

And finally, we want you to know when you’re doing a good job. You work hard everyday and deserve to be rewarded. So keep up the hard work and the Cow King will bestow upon you the finest achievements the kingdom has to offer. Kill ten enemies with a single attack, hit an enemy with an arrow that’s been in flight for over 5 seconds, commit regicide — whatever your talents, there’s an achievement for that!

Through all these little touches, we’ve added the secret ingredient: love. Hopefully it will help the game suit your tastes. If it doesn’t, there’s a bucket of fried chicken arrows nearby to cleanse your palate with.

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Mega Cat Studios is a creative first company based out of Pittsburgh, PA. We love creating games. From retro cartridges to PC & VR, come play with us.

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