The Power of First Impressions: How to Design a Killer Steam Capsule

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Selling your games on Steam can get lucrative if you hit it big. With a potential audience of millions around the globe, even a modest hit on the Steam charts will guarantee a tidy profit and future success to come.

But to ensure your games succeed, you’ll need a good first impression. Thankfully, a good Steam Capsule can help.

Steam Capsules — The Benefits of First Impressions

For the unfamiliar, the Steam Capsule encompasses the images your potential players will see when they come across your game. Places like the Steam Store, the Steam search bar, and sections under the Steam Store will all be part of your Steam Capsule and feature the promotional images and videos your game will have. They’ll be the first impression your players will have of your game and will encourage them to learn more about your products.

Steam Popular Upcoming Tab

It might seem silly to put so much effort into your Steam Capsule because of this. After all, if your game is good, its quality will surely speak for itself. However, research has indicated that customers having first impressions drive sales. With your Steam Capsule being the first thing your players will see, it’s better to put your best foot forward and have a good first impression. This will drive up follows and wishlists, keep your players interested, and follow your game’s development.

Professionally Presentable and Polished

Now that we know the Steam Capsule is important, it’s best to make sure it really stands out. The easiest way to do this is, of course, to hire skilled artists and graphic designers to ensure the Steam Capsule looks presentable.

You’ll also want to hire editors to polish up your game’s description and about page and video editors to ensure your intro videos are up to date! It’s not enough to look good; you have to make sure your product looks its best!

Age of Empires IV Store Page

Of course, if you’re willing to skimp, you can always do it yourself, just by using the handy tool below.

SteamPoacher — Learn from the Best

The name SteamPoacher might sound like it’s about to phish your details, but don’t be fooled! This handy tool allows aspiring developers to examine firsthand just how a good Steam Capsule is made.

Steampoacher showcasing Age of Empires IV Capsules

By seeing firsthand how these images are made, you can see the popular trends that make these successful games look and stand out — and go from there! Using them as your inspiration, you can freely base parts of your capsule’s designs on popular trends that help these games stand out.

Steampoacher showcasing Mass Effect Capsules

For instance, if you’re making a sci-fi RPG game, looking at Mass Effect and how its images make it stand out can help you decide what images your potential game will have. At the end of the day, it’s all about standing out and identifying just how these products do it will help your games stand out a good deal more.

You can also visit Steamworks for some handy tips that can help you in creating the perfect size Steam Capsule for your game!

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