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4 min readNov 29, 2022

The 80s was a different, simpler time. While it wasn’t that much quieter, the games weren’t as loud and bombastic as the ones we have nowadays. Still — there was beauty in its simplicity, and that’s what made ’em more badass. You’ll see what I’m talking about.

From ports to unreleased prototypes, modern technology gives us a sneak peek at how things were back in the good ol’ days. Since we’re all about retro here, it’s about time you buckled up, coz we’re taking a ride back in time to take a look at a few classics.

First up, we got the classic Atari game Missile Command which now — finally has a decent port. Ayor61 and the team just released an improved version of the game for the Amstrad CPC+ and GX4000 — and it looks pretty good.

To quote Ayor61 “For 50th years birthday of Atari, and as a tribute to one of my first childhood games on Atari 2600.” Well said, and well done. It’s about time one of the all-time Atari classics got some modern TLC, and it’s great that both old fans and newcomers can get a taste of some Missile Command action.

If missiles, city defense, and a lot of action are right up your alley, then it’s best to keep an eye out for this awesome port.

If you’ve played or even heard of Eye of The Beholder, then you know what a good game is all about. Andreas Larsson has been hard at work on a port for the C64 and C128 — and if you’ve fallen in love with the game on PC, we’re sure you’re one of the many who are waiting for an update.

Well, you need not wait any longer, because the port is FINALLY HERE. A very well-timed surprise along with some nice video footage to show us just how great it turned out.

It’s the nice, classic first-person experience but with more colors, higher resolution 16-bit graphics, and updated versions of all the monsters you’ve come across way back. Everything from the combat animations, down to the damage indicators has been implemented smoothly. Very nice.

HayesMaker64 gave his thoughts on the game recently, and it was all praise:

“The game is just as brutal, but rewardingly satisfying to progress as it always has been. Whether you’re a hardcore fan who can walk through the whole game blindfolded, or a dungeon crawler newbie, curious as to why this game is considered one of the best ever dungeon crawlers, I think you will not be disappointed.”

I think that pretty much describes this port to a T. Eye of The Beholder is one classic game you wouldn’t wanna miss — and now that everyone has access to it, there’s no reason to not give it a spin.

Last, but not least, we move on to what we’d consider a classic living legend. No matter how many times newcomers mistake Link for the titular princess, The Legend of Zelda franchise is and will be a series that keeps on going.

Tukinem just unveiled what appears to be the unfinished prototype of Zelda which is fully playable on the Commodore Amiga. While he says he was overwhelmed by the sheer size of this game, including all of its features, he still came up with nice, nostalgic piece of art.

It’s still very much in development, as Tukinem is still in the process of writing code. There’s also a chance that it might not be completed altogether due to — well, the powers that be.

Still, there’s a working, downloadable version of what’s already been finished. So, if you’re a Zelda fan who can’t get enough of the legend, it’s best to check out this cool prototype.

Check the video here:

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