What Does Zombie Meat Taste Like? Dining on Bite the Bullet Bosses

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At the apex of any organization, there must be a boss, and bad guys in particular follow this rule closely. You’d be hard pressed to find an action game in the world that doesn’t reward your wading through grunts with a big ol’ baddie ready to spam projectiles in predictable patterns in your directions. It’s a tradition going back almost as far as the beginning of video games.

Bite the Bullet continues this tradition with a selection of delectable bosses to sink your teeth into. After all, your standard fare enemies may be edible enough, but hulking monstrosities is where the real nutrition is at. So, to make sure you’re getting a balanced diet, we’ve put together a choice selection of bosses for you to munch on.

Start your feast with the Givavulture, a savory bird that comes seasoned with locally sourced rocket launchers and machine guns. You’re going to have to clip the wings of this bad boy if you want to take a bite of its delicious drumsticks. Keep the heat on it and make sure it’s roasted to perfection.

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Speaking of roasts, your second course will be a meat-eater’s dream. The flesh golem is a veritable buffet of all the best parts of your enemies stitched together into one giant dish. This big guy might be difficult to devour in one bite, so make sure you start with the extremities and aggressively nibble your way to the torso. That’s where the real meat is, and it should absolutely be saved for the a dessert-like finale.

Next up, we have the Arrakin Worm, a feast of a monster that is not for the faint of heart. This giant serpent may seem like a horrible demon snake born of flesh and metal, but looks can be deceiving. Each of its many segments contains its own flavor of destruction — tantalizing for the person who loves a little variety from their meals. Scarf it one piece at a time and then finish it off by devouring its delicious head.

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I hope you’re ready for seconds, because we’ve beefed up the Flesh Golem to create a culinary masterpiece, the John Henry 9000. We’ve swapped out fatty legs with tank treads high in iron to create a flavour that is familiar, but altogether new. Watch out for its drill arm or you’ll never even have the chance to dig into this glorious meat mountain.

No matter your tastes, Bite the Bullet has you covered with its mouth-watering bosses. We know that the perfect way to cap off a feast of ordinary goons is with a much bigger baddie. Just remember to stay on your toes, keep your fork and knife handy, and get ready to dig in — because everything is food if you try hard enough. Bon appetit!

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Join us for a mouth-watering exploration of the bosses of Bite the Bullet. What do they taste like? Read on and find out!

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