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Mega Cat Studios
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Every game development studio has its unique workplace culture, shaped by its size, goals, and values. Whether it’s a big player like Sony or Nintendo or a smaller indie studio, each operates with its distinct routines and dynamics. Working at these studios provides firsthand insights into how they operate and what drives their success.

Mega Cat Studios is no different. Founded out of a love of video gaming, the company focuses its energy on channeling the eras of retro gaming when things were simpler. Take a look at how we develop our games and see firsthand the passion and love we pour into them.

Passion at the core

At the core of Mega Cat Studios is an unwavering emphasis on the love for gaming. We don’t just develop games; we share a vision and passion for the gaming experience with our audience. Every project we undertake is fueled by genuine enthusiasm for the genre, aiming to evoke emotions and memories that resonate with players.

This is because, first and foremost, Mega Cat Studios focuses on the passion behind each project. Each new game developed isn’t made with cynical intentions or to cash in on a fad. It’s made out of a love of the genre and a fondness for the emotions each game can bring out in others.

Culture of Creativity

Mega Cat Studios emphasizes the creativity in each game it helps bring to life. We strive to bring a nostalgic charm to our games, leveraging retro aesthetics and our love for pixel art to deliver unique experiences. Instead of chasing hyper-realistic graphics, we embrace stylized in our games, emphasizing unique looks and gameplay for the product it makes.

Our team comprises artists and programmers who share our vision, encouraging a culture of creativity and pushing boundaries to create exceptional gaming experiences. It’s a push to emphasize the good qualities that make any gamer proud. What matters is how a game looks, plays, and comes together.

Working at Mega Cat Studios

Working with Mega Cat is all about pushing yourself to your limits! The end goal isn’t to churn content; it’s to help you make the things you love doing. The people you interact with are more than willing to help show you the ropes, and the work you’re tasked with is to help you follow your passions to the end.

Insights from the Founders

To gain deeper insights into Mega Cat Studios’ ethos, we sat down with our founders to understand their motivations and perspectives:

What made you start Mega Cat Studios? What’s the primary motivation behind it?


Our founding team shared a love for games and was inspired by the era of gaming that raised us in the 1980s. Games are the most immersive form of media; they can tell a story, create a desired distraction, deepen (or challenge) friendships, and so much more. I can’t imagine anything more noble and interesting, and we don’t take any of it for granted day in and day out.


Mega Cat Studios was born out of our love of the games we played in our childhood. We want to capture the spirit of these games and continue to make them, sharing them with the world.

What do you think are the biggest strengths the studio has?


Our strength is our culture. We have a 90% retention rate over 8+ years, and our pixel art is pretty good, too.


Our studio’s biggest strengths are our determination, work ethic, and creativity.

What do you think sets us apart from other studios?


We benefit from maintaining our indie culture while working with flagship IP; it’s a dream come true.


Mega Cat is different from other studios because of our “retro ethos” approach to games and our culture, which encourages initiative, growth, and ownership.

Anything inspirational you want to say to new developers and creators who want to get their feet off the ground?


As far as advice goes, it’s really just about making time to get your hands dirty and start making games. Create something that meets the intersection of what you love and what players want by living the genre.


Aim high, work hard, stay strong!

Any final words of wisdom to impart to any developers and gamers?


Life is short; follow your dreams, feed your consoles new cartridges.


Failure isn’t final unless you stop.

At Mega Cat Studios, working isn’t the end goal. It’s learning and creating the many different games and settings that people enjoy. To its founders, game development is more than a job; it’s a passion that keeps going.

If you ever want to connect with Mega Cat, visit our LinkedIn or follow us on social media like Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. We welcome you to join our paw-mily and be part of our creative gaming journey.

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